“The basics for young children are wonder, discovery and experience.”

-Bev Bos

Teacher Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degrees in Early Childhood Education
  • Multi-State Teacher Licensure for Birth-Grade 3
  • Specialty Training including Montessori and Exceptional Needs
  • Experience teaching in private and public schools, toddler through first grade
  • CPR/First Aid Certified

Components of Care

  • Child led.
  • Developmentally appropriate.
  • Individualized curriculum and environment.
  • Environment and teaching style inspired by Montessori,
  • Waldorf, Bev Bos and Reggio Emilia:
    • Independence
    • Respect
    • Logical consequences
    • Nature and holism
    • Parental involvement
  • Lots of sensorial science and art.
  • Chemical and fragrance-free environment; organic, healthy, diverse snacks and lunches.
  • Composting, gardening, and cooking.